It’s important we always have the most up to date details for you to ensure you continue to receive your BTPS pension without interruption.

If you change address, contact details or change bank details, please let us know. You can update your details yourself on the portal and it takes effect immediately.


Changing your bank details

We’ll pay your pension directly into your bank account. If you change back details, it’s vital you let us know in plenty of time. You can do this on the member portal – just log in.

Moving overseas?

If you wish to have your pension paid into an overseas bank account, you can download an International payment form for the relevant country from the portal. The form will default to your local currency so, if you wish to be paid in pounds sterling, you will need to amend the form to indicate that. If you want to receive payments in pounds sterling, please check your bank will accept such payments and be aware they may charge for this service.

Payments to overseas accounts may arrive up to 5 working days after the payment date. Please factor in this timing when setting up any direct debits for household expenses.

If you are planning to live abroad, register now for our member portal. Have access to your pension information 24/7 and get your BTPS correspondence online. It’s more secure and will cut out any annoying postal delays. We’ll email you to let you know when there’s a letter ready for you to view in your document library.

Our obligation to re-verify your identity

We have a duty to safeguard our pension scheme against fraud. Protecting your pension, the pensions we pay our 200,000 pensioners and all those members who are yet to retire is paramount. As part of our commitment to do this, we are required to contact members receiving BTPS pensions from time to time and ask them to complete a proof of identity exercise. This is called ‘attestation’.

We appreciate it can feel a bit strange, or even intrusive, if we contact you to ask you to prove your identity. Especially if we’ve been paying your pension for years. However, it’s something we’re obliged to do so we hope you understand. If we contact you, we’ll ask you to provide us with a copy of either a passport or photo driving license. If you need any help competing our attestation form our friendly team are at the end of the phone to help.

If we lose contact with you because you’ve not told us you’ve moved, it may mean we can’t successfully complete this attestation process. If that happens, we may have to suspend your pension. To avoid that, please keep in touch.