If the worst happens it’s important to know how your loved ones will be supported.

Your BTPS pension provides a pension for life for your spouse or civil partner. There are other death benefits which may be available to them, or your children or another adult that is financially dependent on you. These benefits will be subject to certain eligibility criteria or the discretion of the Trustee. Some may depend on which section of BTPS you are in. The best way to find out what pension you may be able to pass on is by logging on to the portal.

Adult Dependant pension - if you’re not married/in a civil partnership

If you aren’t married or in a civil partnership, but there is another adult who is wholly or partially financially dependent on you, the Trustee has discretion to pay them an adult dependant’s pension. To nominate someone for an adult dependant’s pension, log on to the member portal and complete one online.

Expression of Wish – lump sum benefits

Under BTPS Rules, if you die within five years of your pension starting, there may be a lump sum benefit. The Trustee has absolute discretion when deciding who receives this lump sum, but you can inform the Trustee of your wishes. Do this by completing an Expression of Wish form on the member portal. As any lump sum is paid at the Trustee’s discretion, inheritance tax is generally not payable.

Dependant children's pension

If you die while receiving a BTPS pension, and you leave any dependent children, they may be entitled to a child pension. We define dependent children as those that were dependant on the deceased at the time of death. A child pension may be payable to a child the deceased conceived, adopted or became a step-parent to before they stopped working for BT. In certain circumstances children for whom the deceased was acting in the position of a parent may also be included.

  • Child pension eligibility requirements

    The child must be:

    • Under 17, or
    • Between 17 and under the age of 23 and in at least two years’ full-time education (e.g. at secondary school, college, university).
    • Between 17 and under the age of 23, in at least two years’ full-time training for a trade or profession and earning below a set level.
    • Over 17 and physically or mentally unable to support themselves.

    The pension may also be payable until the child’s 25th birthday if:

    • The deceased member died before 6 April 2006 and the child’s pension was being paid or due to be paid before this date, or
    • The deceased member was taking their pension from the Scheme on 5 April 2006 and the child was born on or before 5 April 2007.